what is disaster                                                                

ABC of Conflict and Disaster
 Disaster Health handbook  
 Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness for
 Chemical Biological and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards 2nd Edition
Disasters and Public Health Planning and Response   
 Handbook  of  Disaster Research  
 Health Care Emergency Management Principles and Practice  
 Hospital Emergency Response Teams  
 Introduction to Emergency Management Third Edition Homeland Security Serie  
 Koenig and Schultz’s Disaster Medicine  
 Public health guide in emergencies 2008  
 Robert Powers, Elaine Daily-International Disaster Nursing-Cambridge University Press (2010)_2  
 Tolley’s Handbook of Disaster  
_Management Review of Psychiatry Series Vol_22 No_1
 Basics in Medical Education - 2nd Ed  
 international disaster nursing Robert Powers(2010)_2  

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